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This toolkit offers assistance to faculty and students concerning STEM issues in education. Here, you will find the tools to locate organizations, review initiatives and publications, link to STEM-related websites and blogs, and incorporate STEM in your classroom. For more information, go here:


This site offers information on state and federal initiatives, links to organizations, updated reports, and an interactive map that houses state specific information. It also allows users to sign up for free, daily e-mails covering multiple topics in STEM.

Hot Topics

This section lists blogs, RSS feeds, and webinars that discuss STEM-associated topics.

This site provides a link to an archived, three-part webinar about engaging youth in STEM outside of the classroom.

Education Week offers many archived webinars on many issues, including STEM.

This site lists free webinars on STEM issues.

Siemens and Discovery Education teamed up to provide webinars and a blog at this site. There are archives to past webinars.

State and Federal

This section presents links to state- and federal-specific initiatives, organizations, and other STEM-focused initiatives.

This site is comprised of a coalition of “knowledge workers, to educators, to scientists, engineers, and technicians” who work to support STEM programs for teachers and students. It has links to policy updates and reports.

Publications and Videos

This section provides websites for articles and search strings that yield STEM content.

This site has a number of current STEM article links.

This site shows videos of teachers conducting lessons in different subject areas.


This section lists grants, case studies, lesson plans, and so forth. These items can be applied to the classroom for teachers and students.

This site has teacher lesson plans, directions on the engineering design process, and a list of teacher resources.

This site offers many activities directed at 5th- and 6th-grade girls.

This site has a link to classroom resources offering lessons and web resources.

This interactive site lists resource links for students and teachers encompassing activities and STEM careers.

This British site defines STEM and has links to many curriculum materials including an eLibrary and links to STEM careers.


  • @TeachingSTEM: Teaching STEM allows teachers to share resources for teaching and learning about STEM in the classroom.
  • @NatSciTeachAssoc: The National Science Teacher’s Association is “committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.”
  • @100Kin10: “Answering the Nation’s STEM Challenge. 100Kin10 is a multi-sector mobilization that responds to the national imperative to train 100,000 excellent STEM teachers.”
  • @camsiemcadams: STEM Director for Washington D.C. public schools
  • @CoolMathGuy: This is one of the most popular math teachers in the United States shares videos and math-education tweets with his followers.
  • @GatesEd: The Gates Foundation “seeks to ensure that all students graduate from high school prepared to complete a degree with value in the workplace.”