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Learn more about national and state-specific initiatives and policies related to P-12 assessment. In addition, the assessment site will direct you to tools and materials that can be used to develop and evaluate student assessments for use in your classroom.


Two organizations currently are involved in the development of national assessments related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These are noted below, along with links to organizations that provide guidance and models for creating student assessments.


The following websites are provided as resources to support P-12 assessment.

  • was created by a collection of school districts in Michigan.
  • AACTE/EdTPA describes the history and goals of the performance assessment, provides an overview of state policy, and includes faculty and student resources.
  • ASCD/Professional Development is a national professional organization that offers professional development opportunities for faculty and students in the areas of assessment, curriculum and instruction, and student engagement. These opportunities are online, via video, or in person; a variety of electronic and print resources also are available. This link will take you directly to the professional development tab.
  • ASCD/Topics is a national professional organization that provides current and relevant information on a variety of topics including student assessment and grading, effective teaching, and differentiated instruction. This link will take you directly to the current topics tab.
  • Assessment Training Institute (ATI) was founded by Rick Stiggins in 1992. Now a part of Pearson School Achievement Services, ATI’s central mission is to help classroom teachers develop the skills they need to gather accurate information about student achievement, and to use the assessment process and its results effectively to improve achievement. Their work is grounded in the concept of student-involved classroom assessment. They are guided by the belief that helping students see themselves as learners is central to their academic success and that assessment practices are key to developing their competence and confidence.
  • Center for Teaching Quality is a professional learning community with blogs by expert teachers and resources for innovative classroom practice.
  • Discovery Education provides teachers with resources on assessment.
  • EdTPA provides students and faculty with a description of the performance assessment, training materials, FAQs, and a variety of resources.
  • Education Northwest is a resource that provides assessments using the CCSS.

Tools & Materials

Assessment can often invoke anxiety for the students being assessed, and for the educators responsible for assessing. This is particularly true for pre-service teachers and those new to the profession. Here, you will find tools and materials that can be used in the P-12 classroom to support assessment of student learning, especially for those just entering the profession of P-12 teaching.

  • Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) is a resource that provides information regarding the assessment DIBELS.
  • FormReturn allows you to design your own bubble sheet templates with its fully featured visual bubble sheet editor. To help you get started with designing your own bubble sheet templates, they have provided bubble sheet templates for different purposes on the FormReturn help website.
  • Khan Academy is a tool for students, coaches, and teachers designed with over 4,000 videos and hundreds of exercises to learn what you want when you want it at your own pace. Test prep skills include SAT Math, GMAT, CAHSEE, California Standards test, Competition Math, and IIT JEE.
  • MasteryConnect is a simple way to share and discover common formative assessments and track mastery of state standards and CCSS, with built-in grading tools to save teachers time.
  • Quizinator creates original quizzes, worksheets, study sheets, and exams online with this easy online tool.
  • Rubric Maker creates rubrics that have been proven to be a highly effective way to assess student work, and behaviors. You can use the Rubric Maker to create customized assessments. Rubric Maker can create rubrics for primary, elementary, middle, and high school.
  • RubiStar is a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics for use in primary, elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.